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Bernard Janine Expressionist movement. Member of the "Salon des Artistes Indépendants de Paris". Her name is inscribed in the annals of the "Drouot Cotation". Oil on canvas, flowers.

Claudon Jack Oil painters. Self, I try to express myself through books and paintings. I am looking for my own style.

Saïssi Franck Accomplished and disturbing artist, Franck Saissi plays with images and writing. Art with him becomes a pyromaniac weapon disturbing sleeping thoughts and comatose.

Bois Laurent Presentation of painting, illustrations and photograph of LAURENT BOIS

M.M Creations, painting acrylic : fairies, fantastic landscape, decorative.

Le Dû Stéphane Abstract paintings with the concept of landscape in what it has of more subjective.

Leduc Serge Serge Leduc, french artist painter.

Vieville Jean-Pierre Contemporary abstract art. Modern painter.

Boudet Sylvie In the space of a dream my painting is standing between representative and abstract art, trying to find the balance between shapes and colours, in the space of the movement. The main subject, of colours and textures is made with oil painting technology combined with intense and various elements of pigments. Mixed media on paper or cardboard. Palet knives, brushes, different implements to model and transform the original matter, between engraved elements or sweetness areas of breathing. The Time of painting, successively, layer by layer, the canavas is emerging, little by little, creation is emerging, painting's living. What kind of alchemy is leading us throw the life ?

Piper Ruth I paint in realistic style, sometimes surrealistic, with many influences. Some great which cast a frowning shadow on my work (Van Dyck, Magritte), some more earthly, like my own experience.

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