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Tanguy Marc Born in 1959 in Paris. Paintings and drawings. Landscapes, beaches, fruits and watercolors.

Tosoni Fiorello A skilful draughstman, his figures though classicalcarry the sense and the drama of today's life, without betraying their true resemblance.

Bregeda Victor Born in 1963 in Russia. Favorite direction is metarealism. Melange of techniques, materials and styles, influenced by subconscious philosophy.

Abegg Monique Born in 1943. Oil painting on canvas and paper, charcoal, ink. Inspired by corsican landscapes. Paints on request animals portraits from photo.

Eliso Leonardi The artist's knowledge of materials and matter guided his imagination towards a very particular technique of his own, halfway between sclupture and painting.

Menez Laurence Laurence Menez artist and portrait painter, paints faces with a photography, she works with red chalk drawing or oil-painting. She lives near Lorient and she paints boats and landscape of brittany too.

Szostak Lucja Lucja Szostak, born in Poland, lives in France. She was rewarded at the famous "Salon des Artistes Français" (1990). She is the author of dynamic, figurative and abstract paintings, with colors and movements.

Le Rohellec Jean Contemporay paintings, based on a range of sober colors well suited for the intimist nature of his vision of Brittany. His works convey harmony and suggestion. His subjects are inspired by his environment and his life: sea paintings, seaport figures, moors and whins, houses of Brittany, bouquets...

Franka Franka's pictorial progression shows a paroxysm of passion for colors. This is first, figurative art. She has an impulsive and spontaneous touch. When she works in abstraction, her transcription is stunningly free. Let the color act... Welcome to the world of Franka...

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